Tidal Energy

Marine Life Monitoring

The Jetyak demonstrated a high level of capability as a deployment platform for testing and validating the use of ADCPs for marine life detection and further developing algorithms for academic use and commercial applications. A Jetyak carrying a a Nortek Signature 500 ADCP and a PingDSP sidescan sonar was collectively operated for approximately 8 hours during two deployment days, and was exposed to currents up to 2.5m/s, as well as the relatively exposed waters of the outer Bay of Fundy and St.Mary's Bay.

The Jetyak has been shown to be a uniquely capable deployment platform. Given its utility in shallow coastal waters, along with the decreased risk to survey operators, the Jetyak provides potential to address needs both for long term monitoring and for increased capacity for responsive (reactive) monitoring capability at the local level.

The side scan sonar data from Jetyak deployments was able to visualize fish schools, and further Jetyak deployments are being planned for specialized services required for tidal energy site assessment, turbine performance monitoring, and marine operations support.

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