Product Configurations

Jetyak Base

This is the base configuration. Includes hull, propulsion systems, steering & throttle servos, DC power distribution, sensor mounting points, redundant ship-to-shore data telemetry and integrated navigation, autopilot and mission planning software.

This is a logical starting point for special missions payloads or applications such as sensor development & testing or robotics research. The system comes ready to locally pilot, remote pilot or autonomously pilot and is intended for users who wish to integrate and test their own custom sensor payloads building off a reliable, capable vehicle platform.

For users who prefer a turnkey system, ICS offers a number of proven configurations. The Jetyak's modular configuration supports the philosophy of deploying the lightest, least obtrusive and least-expensive sensors for a given mission without sacrificing data quality.

Lowering the consequences of loss allows researchers to push the envelope when mission planning, and allows operators to take additional risks in challenging conditions to support aggressive mission plans. This philosophy is a key feature of Jetyak and it has a proven track record of being able to collect data in hostile environments never before acquired at a high resolution, allowing the expansion of novel research and analysis.

Jetyak Bathy 3DSS

Optimized for coastal morphology & sediment transport. Suitable for sub-zero deployments in rivers, shipping harbors, and energetic coastal zone mapping. Key components include:

  • Ping DSP 3DSS mounted on a fixed keel (available with dual GPS AHRS and sound speed probe (integrated by PingDSP)

  • Cam-locking roof rack

  • Wave Guard for engine intake and exhaust

  • On-board bilge pump

Jetyak Estuarine

Often combined with the Jetyak Hydro, this is configured primarily for the study of salt stratified flows and tidal effects of river plume dynamics in estuaries. Key components include:

  • An array of one to three RBR CTDs on a flexible mast below the hull

  • Optional Winch system for CTD profiling

  • Often combined with the Hydro configuration (consult factory for details)

Jetyak Hydro

Often combined with the Jetyak Estuarine, this is specifically configured for real-time fluorescence and turbidity measurements in river & coastal deployments. Includes sampling of CTD, chlorine, rhodamine & fluorine with automated dye-release. Key components include:

  • Nortek Signature series ADCP mounted in a thru-hull insert

  • Optional Dye release system with Turner Cyclops 7 analog sensors (chlorine, rhodamine, fluorine)

  • Live Serial Data Stream

  • Often combined with the Estaurine CTD configuration (consult factory for details)

Jetyak Polar

Optimized for cold-weather operation in polar waters congested with broken ice - including Fjord bathymetry and ice front mapping. Provides for safe surveying under falling ice and capsizing icebergs. Key components include:

  • Winched RBR Concerto CTD w/ turbidity sensor

  • ADCP

  • Multibeam sonar

  • Lidar Sensor

  • GoPro Camera

  • Lowrance 4G Marine Radar for obstacle avoidance

Jetyak DGA "Chemyak"

Specifically configured for Dissolved Gas Analysis, and suitable for deployment in coastal ecosystems including rivers & estuaries as well as offshore, in characterizing the transport mechanisms of methane seeps from sea bottom to the sea-air interface. Key components include:

  • Los Gatos Research (LGR) Dissolved Gas Extraction Unit (DGEU)

  • LGR Ultraportable GGA (Greenhouse Gas Analyzer)

  • RBR Concerto CTD

  • CTD Winch

  • Airmar 200WX Air-marine weather station

  • Satlantic/Seabird SUNA v2 UV nitrate sensor

Custom Solutions

Listed above are highlights of typical configurations, each supporting a different purpose. The strength of the Jetyak platform is adaptability and it is able to support variations on these configurations or novel configurations for applications not covered here. If you don't see something that fits - contact us. An application specialist will review your requirements and we'll be able to recommend a range of options that best suit your application and budget.