ICS offers training options designed to provide clients maximum utility and efficiency. We match the content to attendee's level of knowledge and experience through a mix of in-lab and in-field sessions, either remotely streamed or hands-on in actual deployment. Topics typically include:

  • Unpacking & Initial Assembly

  • Initial Client PC Configuration

  • Bench Tests

  • Mission Planning

  • Field Mobilization

  • Field Re-Assembly

  • Mission Execution

  • Field De-Mob

  • Post-Mission Close-Out

  • Data Verification

Custom Payload Analysis

ICS can provide a range of value-added engineering analysis services. Typical Jetyak analysis includes:

  • Hydrostatic stability and drag analysis for custom or user-supplied instrument keels to assess the impact on vessel speed

  • Conducting power budgets for special missions payloads to assess the anticipated endurance de-rating.

Our standard analysis toolsuite include MATLAB, Rhino (Orca3D & RhinoCFD) and SolidWorks with other outputs available on request.

Sampling Platform Analysis

In addition to ASVs, ICS has years of experience designing proven fixed platforms for in situ operation of a variety of physical, chemical and biological monitoring & sampling instruments. Having endured research setbacks and failed experiments due to equipment down-time, these are the product of iterating designs to withstand constant submersion, punishing surf and relentless ocean currents.

Although each application presents unique conditions, we have adopted some common design themes which have proven to be storm survivable in long duration coastal zone deployment in Atlantic waters. This includes mechanical rigidity, reliable & efficient DC power, as well as data capture, logging & telemetry schemes.

If you are starting with a new platform design, or have an existing design previously used successfully in deeper water and want to review the suitability for rougher coastal zone deployment - contact us. We'd be happy to quote your requirements.

Topo-Bathy Data Fusion

ICS has many years of expertise creating DEMs in coastal environments, through the collection and merging of topographic and bathymetric data - including the intertidal zone. This includes Jetyak collection during high tide and aerial collection at low tide.

Depending on shore conditions we have optimized data collection with a number of UAS lift platforms, operating parameters, camera / lens combinations along with ground control and SfM processing techniques. In more heavily vegetated or high-relief coastal areas we can recommend a range of proven aerial lidar systems for rapid and direct point-cloud generation.

For clients planning challenging data collection of the land-water interface - contact us. We can review your mission specifics and provide experience-based feedback.