Maintenance, Service and Spares

Coverage for any Mission

Jetyak was designed & built for the real world field conditions with countless hours of deployment in some of the most hostile salt water environments in the world. We also realize that things break - usually at the most inopportune time. And downtime of mission critical systems costs researchers not only time and money, but can oftentimes result in a lost opportunity that can set research back years.

So when it comes to spares, field service and maintenance plans we have a package that suits every budget and supports every deployment. From a simple selection of spare parts to a complete stand-by system - and everything in between - ICS will work with you to ensure you have the best coverage to maximize mission success.

Contact us to speak with an Application Specialist. Whether you're looking to acquire a new system or maintain an existing one, they'll review your application, mission criticality, theater of operations and deployment conditions and can recommend the most effective solution.