Jetyak ASV - Mission Critical Reliability & Versatility

Designed by researchers and incorporating design elements proven to withstand some of the harshest deployments around the globe, the Jetyak provides the research and commercial survey communities a multi-purpose unmanned, on-board waypoint following, jet driven Autonomous Surface Vessel (ASV). It is a key enabler in the evolving way in which complex morphodynamic flows are studied - allowing efficient, repeatable and high resolution interval mapping over large coastal zone areas previously inaccessible.

Special Missions & Ancillary Systems

Whether your mission requires an inexpensive recreation-grade sounder for shallow water operation or a expedition-class MBES designed for operation in deeper water, ICS can provide complete turn-key supply, integration and testing services. The Jetyak platform offers the flexibility to support a wide range of deployable sub-systems, and ICS Engineering have integrated a range of special missions payloads including lidar, sonar, camera, dye release, dissolved gas sensors, Imaging FlowCytobot (IFCB) and various samplers.

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Shore Support

ICS offers a number of field-proven Shore Support Equipment designed to maximize the chances of a successful mission. This is ideal for clients that either do not have their own support equipment or wish to supplement or upgrade their existing gear. This also allows mission planners to worry less about the "small stuff" and procure complete turn-key field-ready packages designed for reliability and maximum field productivity.

Proven, mission-ready gear which has been field tested by operators and researchers include:

  • GNSS Ground Stations (Differential or RTK)

  • Aerial Targets

  • Ground Station Tents

  • Ruggedized Ground Station Laptops, Sun Shades and Sunlight-Readable LCD Displays

  • Marine-grade Lifting Tackle

  • High-reliability Cabling

  • High-durability Backpacks

  • AC/DC Ground Power

  • Expedition Apparel

  • Watertight Equipment Cases

  • Roll-off Carts for Launch / Retrieval

When it is impractical for ICS to supply these items (eg 3rd party warranty support, local regulations or prohibitive shipping costs), ICS can supply specifications / details to enable local fabrication / procurement.

We are constantly developing solutions to enhance productivity in varied field conditions. If you don't see something listed here contact us - we welcome the chance to capture your requirements and develop a mission-specific solution.